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Initial Consulation

This will involve taking a history of the current problem and then performing a physical examination. Based on these findings, we will devise a treatment plan for you that may involve exercise, movement correction, advice and ‘hands on’ techniques. You will also learn techniques to use at home to manage your problem, which may include an exercise program and advice. You should allow approximately 45 minutes for the initial consultation.

Standard Consultation

This will begin with an update on your symptoms since your last visit and then we will re-assess certain aspects of your original physical examination. Most of our time will be spent on treatment which will usually be a combination of ‘hands on’ techniques, exercise prescription, movement correction and advice. You should allow approximately 30 minutes for a standard consultation

How we can help

Neck & Back Pain

Neck and back pain is one of the most common complaints and unfortunately many people still don’t understand how to manage best these condition and the role that a physiotherapist can play to help treat and resolve your symptoms. Georgia can provide an array of treatments to relieve your neck or back pain and will teach you how to look after your back to prevent future episodes.

Ante-Natal & Post-Natal

Pregnancy and child birth can bring about many changes to a women’s body. During pregnancy it is common to suffer from lower back pain, pelvic back, rib and thoracic spine stiffness and neck pain. Georgia can treat you in a way that will accommodate your growing tummy and also offer braces and supports if needed. Post birth it is important to be assessed, especially before you intend to return to exercise and sport. Georgia can assess your degree of abdominal separation, pelvic stability and give you advice on your pelvic floor and provide you with a rehabilitation program if needed.

Sports Injuries

Whether you are a professional athlete, recreational athlete or weekend warrior, Georgia can assess and treat any injuries or complaints sustained during sporting activities. A sporting injury can be anything from muscle tears, ligament sprains or tendinitis to a fracture or dislocation. Early and accurate diagnosis is essential to provide appropriate management. Where necessary Georgia will refer you on to the appropriate practitioners for further examination or investigations such as MRI scan, X-Ray, Ultrasound, etc. You will be provided with a comprehensive program to ensure you have the mobility, strength and fitness to return to your sport seamlessly.

Postoperative Rehabilitation

Following a surgical procedure it is important to follow a rehabilitation program to ensure a successful outcome. Georgia will work closely with your surgeon to ensure you have the best possible outcome. Whether your goal is to return to sport or return to your activities of daily living without pain, Georgia can assist you to do this as quickly and as safely as possible.