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Georgia Black / Featured

Why your tribe is so important to what you want to achieve in life

So let me get straight to the million dollar question! What do you want to achieve in life? And why does it matter to you? Do you want to … Raise a healthy and happy family? Create memorable and meaningful experiences?   Contribute to something significant that positively impacts others? Generate wealth that provides a secure foundation for generations to come? These are reasonably common life goals, that I think most of us would quickly say yes to. But, with trying to achieve any of these goals, there’s one thing that most of us overlook. That is, how the people we spend time with strongly influence the direction of our life.   We are strongly influenced by those around us When it comes to achieving the...


Just keep moving

Enjoying a vibrant life is more attainable than you think. There are only three things you need to do each day to make sure you have the energy and strength to do the things you love. Sleep well Eat healthy Move more Lately I have been talking a lot about sleeping and eating well and I hope it has inspired you to create better resting and eating routines. The third piece in the puzzle to creating a vibrant live is to keep your body moving.     The opposite of moving The opposite of moving is not moving. “Thank you Georgia for that incredibly deep insight!” I know, that was genius! But, despite this being totally obvious, I wanted to mention it to make an important point. Moving regularly is...


Strawberry and banana smoothie

This recipe is my favourite for a snack as it is nice and light with just the right amount of sweetness. My daughter loves this one because it is beautifully pink! So I normally have to make double the quantity so there's enough to go around.      Ingredients (serves 1) ¾ cup of your milk of choice 3 frozen strawberries Half a frozen banana 4 ice cubes ½ teaspoon of honey     Method Place all ingredients into a blender and process on high speed for 1 min And then share it around.     Enjoy! Georgia ...


What’s left to eat? A healthy and realistic approach for the rest of us.

Personally, I can’t keep up with all the “healthy eating” fads. Can you? Low carb. No carb. High fat. No fat. Dairy free. Sugar free. Gluten free. Paleo. High protein. Raw. No sugar. Low GI, and so on. It’s exhausting! The few times I’ve actively tried to restrict something from my diet I found myself thinking about food all the time, which resulted in eating constantly! And I’m sure I am not alone. While there are examples of super-disciplined people sustaining these types of diets - we all know someone like this, grrrrr, how do they do it! But, for the rest of us, who find this an unrealistic and impossible task, what do we do? What’s the alternative to eating well for the rest of us? How...


The go to green smoothie

Green smoothies are all the rage and it's definitely a great way of getting an extra serve of vegetables into your day. And it's delicious! This recipe uses baby spinach which I personally prefer over kale. The banana adds a little sweetness and the avocado makes it nice and creamy with the added benefit of good quality fat.     Ingredients (serves 1) 1 cup of baby spinach 1 cup of water 1 frozen banana ¼ of an avocado Juice of ¼ lemon     Method Place baby spinach and water into a blender and process for 30 sec Add remaining ingredients and process for a further 45 sec That's it! So quick and simple.     Enjoy! Georgia ...


Banana breakfast smoothie

Who doesn’t love a smoothie? I love mine as a quick breakfast option, an afternoon snack or a little treat on a hot day. I think smoothies are best when they are ice-cold, so I always try and have frozen fruit on hand. But if I have forgotten, I'll throw in a handful of ice which usually does the trick. I invested in a thermomix a few years ago and I absolutely love it! But you don’t need one to make a smoothie, there are so many good blender options on the market that make light work of whizzing up a few ingredients. I thought I would pop up a few of my favourite recipes over the next few weeks for you guys to try. Let me...